• Awareness Training Against Smatch and Grab In The Traffic

    Most road users in Nigeria are in fear and anxiety of being robbed whenever they are trapped in traffic snare. This state of hopelessness is understandable considering the numbers of human fatalities, injuries and valuable items lost in the process of being robbed by vicious criminals. This awareness training, provides an in-depth explanation of smash-and-grabs, […]

  • Basic Customer Service Training

    For any organization to be successful, it must be able to provide a service to its customers effectively. This applies whether the organization is a commercial business, a charity or a National or local government-provided service. This training will help learners to understand the importance of customer service and how to provide quality service to […]

  • Basic Cyber Security Training for Security Personnel Special

    Cyber Security is one in every of cutting-edge most up to date profession fields. This course will provide a wide overview of Cyber Security concepts and practices. Beginning with underlying fundamentals of cyber security, additional lessons will discover center technologies along with encryption, sandboxing, and antiviruses.

  • Basic Enterprise Risk and Business Continuity Training Special

    COURSE INTRODUCTION Disaster is a natural occurrence, human deeds, or a combination of the two may occur suddenly.  The outcome results in a tremendous negative impact for continuity of life. In the event of a disaster, the affected entity must respond by taking effective remedial action to restore the condition as it was before. Disaster […]

  • Certificate in Security Entrepreneurial Studies Hot

    It is natural for security professionals to aim at being entrepreneurs because it provides opportunity for them to be self-employed and also enable them share the wealth of their experience through the services they provide for their clients. However, it has been challenging for most professionals to become successful in business simply because they are […]

  • Certificate in Security Risk Management

     COURSE INTRODUCTION     The ongoing CONVID-19 pandemic and global economic crisis, along with a range of other looming challenges (climate change, globalization, unrests in some parts of the world, growing income gaps and widespread social mobility), have presented global organizations with a daunting array of risks. Today, risk management is viewed as an organization-wide and integrated […]

  • Close Protection Officer Course Hot

    COURSE DESCRIPTION The risk profile of VIPs either in the corporate world, entertainment or in politics is definitely on the rise. The need to harden security around them 24/7 with skilled civilian personnel and supported with the use of technology cannot therefore be overemphasized. The focus of this training is to develop skills that will […]

  • Crisis Management Planning For Kidnapping, Extortion and Ransom New

    COURSE DESCRIPTION Government officials, business executives and their families including ordinary citizens are attractive targets for kidnappers and extortionists world over as far back as the 60s. In Nigeria, the menace of Kidnapping has reached an alarming level that individuals and corporate organisations are concerned about their safety against this risk. The desire for an […]

  • Effective Crisis Management Planning Course Special

    COURSE DESCRIPTION One of the most important management competencies is planning.  Crisis planning is the preparation of documented action steps designed to improve the organization’s response towards mitigating a disruption’s impact on assets and resources. In tandem with day-to-day operational constraints and limitations, the threat of an event evolving into a crisis consistently challenges an […]