At SSDC, we are regulated and approved to provide training courses and we follow and comply with all regulations set out by each Awarding Body to provide the highest standard of training.

Results and Certification

Results will be issued within 10-15 working days after the last day of the course. Where the last day being Sunday, all course examination papers are posted to the awarding body on the Monday by 5.00 pm and are not received by the awarding body until the Tuesday or soon after. 10-15 working days will be counted from the Tuesday.

SSDC do not guarantee results in precisely 10-15 working days to the date given and the date given is classed as a realistic approximation. Therefore, the results can be delayed in due to various circumstances.

SSDC will do the utmost to get the results to candidates within 10-15 working days of completion of the course. SSDC cannot be held responsible for the situation of the candidate and relying on results for a precise date. Where date is given after the course is complete, it is an estimated date and does not necessarily mean SSDC will have results available at 9.00 am of that particular date.

Dates given for result availability and certification availability by SSDC are based on approximate estimation using the time scales given by the awarding body. SSDC reserves the right to adjust the date given without notice.

Dispatch of certification is arranged via courier mail as standard. However, candidates will be given an option to arrange pick up of certification from our Centres at a time and date given by SSDC

Candidates are responsible in providing accurate information as to the physical address where certification will be dispatched using clear handwriting.

Candidates will receive the certificate within 10 working days of receiving their results. However, if a candidate does not receive the certificate within this duration please contact SSDC immediately. If you do not contact SSDC within 30 days of the results being issued regarding the certificate then the candidate will be responsible to pay any charges in respect of a replacement certificate.

SSDC accepts no liability for misplaced certification and candidates will be responsible to pay any awarding body charges in respect of replacement certification.