What is C-TAP

This program is specially designed for serving and retired military and paramilitary personnel who are still interested in developing new career in security profession at the industrial security level and those who are interested in setting up their own security firms but need insight into setting up a potentially successful business right from start.

At what rank can I apply as an officer?

You must attain minimum of a Warrant Officer in the military, an Inspector in the police and equivalent in other paramilitary services

What is duration of course and how do I access training?

Duration for C-TAP is between 6-9 months with the exception of CSES which runs for 4 months. The flexibility in the duration is to give room for those who are busy because of call of duty or other reasons to catch up with their graduating class. The training is both classrooms based and online. The online platform is essentially for those who are far from the campus and willing to run the course from the comfort of their homes and offices.

How do I receive training materials and lectures?

Training materials and reference books will be on our website. You will receive a password on enrollment that will always log you to the site. There are several training Modules which will be on the site at every point in time. You will access the training content on the Modules. Your lecturer would instruct you what to do as you read the module and at the end a test on understanding of the module will be given. This is usually practically based so as to enable you marry what has been read to actual field operations.

I am not computer literate so how do I access this training?

The Digital Literacy Program (DLP) will help you in this area by giving you basic understanding and skills that may be required to use the computer and other digital tools. However, our online platform has been designed to be easy and user friendly. The only thing you need is logging in your password and follow the direction as directed on the platform. The same direction will be given when you are submitting (uploading) your assignments

What certificate is awarded at the end of training?

The certificate awarded is Certificate in either of the courses chosen by the participant. The certificate is issued by Ignatius Ajuru university, Port Harcourt (formerly Rivers State University of Education).

Is there any assistance the certificate will offer in terms of getting employment?

Yes. Our plan is to set up a job placement advocacy for our veterans. We are positive that those who have passed through the training and have excellent service records will get employed through this. Added to this is that the skills earned at the end of the course are industry required hence getting employment might not be a challenge.

What is the cost of training and can payment be spread over a period?

Total cost of training for this course is 500,000. Yes. Payment could be spread over the duration of the program.

What are the specialized areas in the program?

There are 3 specialized areas namely:

  • Certificate in Enterprise Risk Management (CERM)
  • Certificate in Enterprise Resilience and Business Continuity (CERBC)
  • Certificate in Security Entrepreneurial Studies (CSES)

What is the Security Management Courses all about?

These courses are designed for those already in security management roles in the corporate environment. People who are not security professionals but willing to develop career in security profession can also apply but will do Management course 2.  The essence of the program is to upskill participants in managing new challenges in the corporate world.

What is the duration of the program?

Duration for SMC 2 is 12months while SMC1 is 6 Months.

Are the courses also online?

Yes. They are both online and classroom based.

What is the cost of program?

Total cost of training for SMC 2 is 350,000 while SMC1 is 400,000

What is ASST- Accredited Security Systems Training Program

The program is designed for those who are already in the service of installation and maintenance of electronic security systems and those that are newly coming into the service. This is an entrepreneurial empowerment program that will benefit participants in rightly placing themselves and taking advantage of business opportunities in digitizing security in our environment.

What is the cost and duration of training

Cost of training is 100,000. Duration is 60 days.

Guess this is a classroom-based learning.

Yes. There will be a laboratory specifically set up to enable quick learning.