SSDC in Brief

SSDC was established to provide both local and international quality assured and accredited security training in Nigeria.

SSDC recognises that it is essential for all Security personnel, to undergo a structured programme of training and education that results in professional and recognised certification, if they are to be developed, be effective and be professional in their roles. Increasingly, industry stakeholders in the Nigerian security sector, also recognise that the individuals who work to provide a more secured environment must have a broad range of skills and a clear understanding of their roles.

As a professional training organization, SSDC shall:

  • Set and implement both local and internationally approved standard of training.
  • Ensure the maintenance and improvement of standards in the provision of training for Security Operatives and others involved in the provision of security services in general
  • Ensure quality standard and certification of and for such training that matches international standards and also contributes to the personal development of Security Operatives.
  • Constructively develop pathway options for trainees that will lead to unrestrained linear transition as well as vertical and horizontal mobility in both academics and the world of work.
  • Offer sustained and pragmatic solutions to social problems through research work.
  • Provide the industry with highly trained, experienced and qualified professionals.

Corporate Statement

We endeavor to meet local and global demand by delivering timely, efficient, high quality and cost effective integrated security solutions though our team of industry professionals. Our solutions work within standard security concepts in line with international and local security regulations and practices.

SSDC aims to be at the forefront of the security market by focusing on customer service and by being productive, efficient and competitive. In every part of our business, we seek to lead and advance the security industry.

Our Values

We are proud of our distinctive culture and strong values that are cascaded through our training organization. These values guide us on how we conduct our day to day business and help to develop positive relationships with all of our customers. At SSDC, we believe in integrity, honesty and loyalty. Our goal is to help our members achieve theirs and to help enhance their lives through quality of learning. We provide the right support and the reliability that is needed in helping everyone achieve their goals. We want our customers to refer their friends and family. Through hard work and dedication over the years within the security industry we have created a professional and friendly environment by giving a service that is personal and by catering to each and every individual needs of our trainees. Through numerous forms of communication we make ourselves accessible to all our students and make sure that we address their issues to help them along the way. We believe this to be the best way to build trust between us and our Learners.